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Irked fans produce fanfic like irritated oysters produce pearls.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg in Fic by Anne Jamison (via treizquatorz)

Love it.

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I have this great image in my mind of fans collectively rolling rough, hard-edged canon under our tongues. 24/7 we work at it, frustrated as it grates against the most tender part of us. All the while we are smoothing it, giving it bits of ourselves to make it better, perfecting it until it’s something more significant and beautiful than the original story it began from could ever fathom.

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That’s pretty much exactly how it goes.

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1. Your body is in flux for the rest of your life. Think of your body as fluid instead of static — it’s always going to change. So get comfortable with those changes.

2. No one will love you or not love you because of your body. You are lovable because you’re you, not because your body looks a certain way.

3. The most intensely personal relationship you’ll ever have is with your body. It’s a lifelong relationship that’s well worth investing in and nurturing the same way you would with loved ones.

4. You don’t owe your body to anyone. Not sexually, not aesthetically. Your body is yours. Period.

5. What someone else says about your body says more about them than it does about you. Look past the actual snark to the person who’s saying it, because it’s only a reflection of what they think of themselves. That’s when you’ll see how little power their words have.

6. Your body is not a reflection of your character. It’s a physical home for the complex and wondrous and unique being that is you.

7. Take up as much space as you want. You don’t have to be small, or quiet, or docile, regardless of your physical size.

8. Everything you need to accept your body is already inside you. There’s no book, or diet, or workout routine or external affirmation that you need to feel good about your body right now.

9. Your body is a priority. It’s always trying to tell you things. Taking the time to listen to is of the utmost importance.

10. Wear whatever you want. Your body shape does not dictate your personal style, and fashion rules that say otherwise are wrong. Dress yourself in a way that makes you feel happy and confident and beautiful, because guess what? You are.

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Finnish language was originally a game where you take a word and then you try to add as much conjugations as possible. The game was born when  the winter was too fucking cold to do anything and people sat around a fire trying to stay warm and not die. Since Finnish winter is 8 months long people eventually got bored, and came up with this game.

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This is really powerful.

Oh my god, this is such a perfect way to make a statement.

Reblogging this again because it’s so fucking good




This is really powerful.

Oh my god, this is such a perfect way to make a statement.

Reblogging this again because it’s so fucking good

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They took 4 women off the streets and made them cover models.

Definitely an interesting take on all those photoshop videos out there.

I like this one a lot.

If you haven’t watched this. You must.

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A breakdown of medieval armor, since a lot of pieces are required to create a full suit.

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I think this is witchcraft in a nutshell.

The placebo effect at its finest

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